Made For  A Better Foam
Natural Garnish Solution

Why Foamee®?

Because it was made to inspire you to use foam as a garnish on your creations.

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What Is It?


Is a food additive to be used for sauces and beverages to create rich and long lasting creamy foam.

Made In Estonia

How To Use?

Reverse Dry Shake

All ingredients including 3 – 4 drops  FOAMEE® are added to the shaker with ice, then shaken vigorously for 25-30 seconds. Afterwards strained to remove the ice and shaken for the second time, resulting in a more consistent foamy texture. Classic cocktails such as Whiskey Sour and Ramos Gin Fizz are both made using this technique.

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It’s function is to foam not to flavor. It can be used in any classic foaming cocktail or in your original foaming creations.

Cost Effective

  • 1 bottle = 100 ml = 2500 drops = 625+ cocktail servings

  • 1 bottle = 50 ml = 1250 drops = 310+ cocktail servings

  • 1 cocktail can use as little as 1 drop or up to 4 drops

  • Cheaper than egg white or any other foamer per serving of
    a cocktail

  • Time is money, produce foamy cocktails at faster rate

  • No packaging, no shells, no satchets = no waste

  • Add value, better presentation = better sales


  • Made from natural extracts

  • Say no to egg whites, soy lecithin or other foamers

  • No added smell, taste or color to your cocktail, EVER !

  • Foam absorbs the flavor of your cocktail

  • No Salmonella, doesn’t need pasteurizing

  • Clean working environment, minimizing hand contact with ingredients

  • Contents are pasteurized and bottled. Sealed bottle is heat treated and placed in a lock bag ready for packaging, ensuring maximum hygiene.

  • Contents are stored in glass bottle with pipette dropper

  • Only a few drops needed to create rich foam

  • Gluten & Peanut Free


  • Events? Huge attendance? 1000+ Cocktails with foam?
    Foamee – Done ! Save time on making large amount of

  • Easy to use, open the bottle, add few drops and shake,
    no need to pre-make or pasteurise

  • Foam lasts up to 3 hours, for those pre-served

  • No need for special storage, 2 years shelf life
    at temperature 5 – 30 C

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